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Bonus +20
ST/DU +15 / +40
Weight Modifier 80%
Uses Weapons, Armor
Rarity Uncommon
Special Properties None
Primary Color Blue with silver veins
Dyeable Yes

The relatively common metal, Vultite, is a material with a +20 bonus to AS or DS that is easy to find nearly anywhere in Elanthia. The material is light-weight and possesses a light blue color veined with silver streaks in its natural state.

It is usually found near the surface, so extracting vultite from the ground is not a very costly process. Due to the ease in collecting this resource, it has become a standard material used by many adventurers with sufficient experience to handle its magical nature.

Weapons and armor crafted of vultite are commonly chosen as enchantment projects by enchanters due to its light weight, relatively high enchant (requiring fewer total enchantments to get to the final enchant) and due to the standard enchantment value (4×), it is capable of reaching the highest enchantment possible by a common wizard (7×).

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