Twilight Hall

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Veiled in the darkness or aglow in the light, the magic of Twilight beckons all

Twilight Hall is located in “A rune-carved fieldstone house” on the northernmost block of West Ring Road in Wehnimer's Landing. It also has an annex in every major town. The annex on Teras Isle is now located on the Logging Road north of town in the ornate stone tower.


Statement of Purpose

Twilight Hall serves as a safe haven for those who wish to study and practice magic. Our goal is to promote the greater understanding of the magical arts through education and example. We aim to provide a politically, religiously and racially neutral home to adventurers dedicated to the study of magic in Elanthia.

How to Join

Attend a regularly scheduled tour or meeting (see calendar link below) and express a desire to join. Initiates must:

  • be level 5
  • not belong to any other House
  • demonstrate a minimal knowledge of magic by casting (or singing, chanting, etc.) one spell without the use of magic items or societal powers
  • pay an Initiation Fee of 20,000 silvers
  • pledge an oath to the dedication of magic and to uphold the principles of Twilight Hall


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