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The Rift is located past Drake's Shrine which is at the top of Aenatumgana. The Rift is a magical location -- a tear in dimensional space that was designed to contain the Vvrael. There are rumors of numerous strange things inside The Rift. Notably, there was a mechanical beast with lights for eyes that zooms past every once in a while (which is likely a modern car). Also on the fifth plane was a location known as the Heart of The Rift, which is a large, irregularly-beating heart infested with worms.


Indigenous creatures

Plane One
Plane Two
Plane Three
Plane Four
Plane Five
The Scatter (North Side)
The Scatter (South Side)

Landmarks and other information

Map of the Scatter

Entering the Rift is done through the sphere at the south end of the Cavern of Ages. To enter Plane 1, continually go north. To enter Plane 2, continually go west. To enter Plane 3, continually go east. Each time you move gives the chance of losing spirit, and some players will choose to rest inside the sphere area while their spirit recovers.

Navigating within and exiting the Rift involves various moving objects. There are doors and mirrors on Planes 1, 2, and 3 that will exit the Rift. There are threads on Planes 1-4 that can be climbed to bring you to the next higher Plane. Plane 4 is accessed by climbing the thread from 3. Plane 5 is entered either by the maw on Plane 1 or by climbing the thread on Plane 4. The thread on plane 5 leads back to plane 1.

Exiting the Rift through a door or mirror while holding 10000 silvers or more will result in all silvers being taken. In exchange, your head will be filled with mana.

There are travelling voids on Planes 1 to 3 that will cause damaging wounds that can give lengthy stuns if a person or critter is in the room with it or in an adjacent room.

All spells (except Arcane circle) that cannot be learned by the player will be dispelled at random while inside the Rift. Mana drains or gains also occur at random.

Dead bodies on Plane 5 can be removed by putting them in the box, and turning the crank. This turns all their wounds into scars and sends them to Plane 4. Bodies on Plane 4 can be dragged through the chute, which takes them to Plane 2. Bodies on Planes 1-3 can be dragged out through the doors. Bodies in The Scatter must be dragged through the fissure, which will deposit them in a random location in the rift. The person doing the dragging may or may not land at the same location.

The air inside the Scatter is very cold and has a chance to injure occupants and leave an ice patch:

The temperature plummets precipitously, until every breath sits in your lungs like a block of ice. The chill wind ravages 's flesh!
 ... 10 points of damage!
 Person looks as if a hot foot would feel good about now!
The chill wind ravages 's flesh!
 ... 10 points of damage!
 Ouch! What a stiff neck.
 He is stunned!

A sudden wave of intense cold gnaws at your flesh!
 ... 5 points of damage!
 Chilly blast to the head. Where is that cap Mom knitted for you!?

A frigid mist gathers around you and quickly spreads to cover much of the surrounding room. When the mist dissipates, you notice the floor has become an uninterrupted slick surface stretching in all directions. > The ice patch melts away.

Gems Found in The Rift

  • a swirling purple thunderstone
  • a small crystal-spoked wheel
  • a mithril fang
  • an urglaes fang
  • a copper fang
  • a gold fang
  • a platinum fang
  • a silver fang
  • a brass fang
  • a steel fang
  • an iron fang
  • a sparkling emerald talon
  • a deep blue sapphire talon
  • a fiery ruby talon
  • a glistening onyx talon
  • a murky shadowglass orb
  • a golden firemote orb
  • a sanguine wyrm's-eye garnet
  • an Eye-of-Koar emerald

The following gems have special properties: shadowglass orbs, firemote orbs, urglaes fangs, faceted black diamonds, oblivion quartz, aster opals, faceted midnight black riftstones and Eye-of-Koar emeralds.

The Eye-of-Koar emerald has two special properties: when a character has 10,000 silver coins and raises the emerald, the character's group will be transported to the shrine of Koar on top of the mountain, from anywhere in the Rift. When the emerald is raised anywhere and the raiser or anyone in the group has 20,000 silver coins, each person with 20,000 coins will be granted a deed. This last feature only works if you have fewer than 20 deeds, and the coins necessary will be taken.

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