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In order to get to Mist Harbor on the Isle of the Four Winds, a premium member must have a piece of teleportation jewelry.



Jewelry can be obtained at the following locations:

  • Wehnimer's Landing: Zephyr Hall
    • From the North Gate: north, go path, go door
  • Icemule Trace: Williwaw Hall
    • From the South Gate: west, west, northwest, go snow-covered path, northeast, go gate house
  • Solhaven: Seamist Hall
    • From the North Market: west, southwest, southwest, go gate, go step
  • Kharam Dzu: Welkin Hall
    • From the Ghorsa Tower: northeast, go stony path, northwest, go door
  • Ta'Vaalor: Etesian Villa
    • From Hall of the Arkati: south, go gate
  • Ta'Illistim: Meazernis Villa
    • From the Dais: out, southwest, go bridge, northwest, southwest, southwest, south, go gate, go path, go step, go door
  • River's Rest: Mistral Hall
    • From the Sanctuary: southeast, north, go pier, east, go door
  • Zul Logoth: Solano Hall
    • From the Monument: north, go gate, go arch


The jewelry can either be worn or held when activated. When TURNed, the wearer will move between their location and a random location in Mist Harbor. Jewelry can only be activated from a room that falls under the justice system's jurisdiction (Type JUSTICE STATUS) to see).

There no longer is a wait period between uses to transport to Mist Harbor.

The wearer can LOOK at the jewelry to ascertain its status. When there is an event going on at the Isle of the Four Winds, LOOKing at the jewelry will show it blinking as if trying to get its owner's attention.


As of 10/14/08, each town has a different set of teleportation jewelry to choose from. A character can have two items assigned to him at one time. To switch items, DROP the item. This will clear the character to get a new item. Giving it to another character or throwing it in a trash barrel will cause problems. One can ASSIST to speak with a GameHost if the teleportation item is misplaced and a new one cannot be picked up.

Wehnimer's Landing

On the brown table you see a turnip-topped carved willow stickpin, a crumbling stone tower pin, a jeweled wildflower carcanet, a blown glass replica bay bauble, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a simple blued steel wristchain, a silver etched rolton-link bracelet, a miniature wax memorial candle amulet, an enameled onyx night sky pendant, an oak and amber doe totem, a braided silken ribbon choker, a tiny carved fel otter totem, a stylized gold warcat pendant and a silver-bladed dagger medallion.

Icemule Trace

On the white table you see a silver-dipped feather stickpin, a hammered white gold armcuff, a tiny white jade snowhare pin, a rose-inlaid ruby heart medallion, an enameled penguin chick brooch, a narrow morganite ring, a carved thin blue gem band, a steel-set ivory tusk pin, a braided manticore hair armband, a cord-strung blue shale arrowhead, a carved white iceblossom pendant, an etched red quartz wrist-cuff, an agate-beaded dainty platinum wristlet, a labyrinthine blue lace agate bracelet and a silver-strung purple mithril-bloom.


On the blue table you see a coral and ivory wristlet, a cord-strung slim driftwood pendant, a white hemp sailor's knot bracelet, a thistle and laurel leaf brooch, a twine-strung navy blue hemp monkeyfist, a gold-tasseled naval shoulder knot, a carved linden blossom wristlet, a polished wide modwir wristcuff, a braided blue suede armband, a shell-inlaid golden linden armband, a banded onyx Lorminstra cameo, an enameled blue pelican brooch, an etched cypress tree stickpin, a bas-relief scenic zoo pin and an interwoven silver and alum band.

River's Rest

On the grey table you see an intricate haon drawbridge armband, a folded tawny leather epaulette, a twisted fishing net bracelet, a varnished kakore bead choker, a wave-carved scrimshaw band, a small stone citadel replica pendant, a tiny detailed wooden cutter pin, a woven willow withe armband, a faceted dreamstone ring, a bright silver rabbit-stamped medallion, a thin green tourmaline bracelet, a tarnished leather-strung bell and a bright copper rain lily necklace.

Kharam Dzu

On the green table you see an iron and mithril band, an intricate firestone band, a silver filigree-edged brooch, a bronze-scaled rearing dragon pin, a silver-strung onyx banded cameo, an anvil-etched mithril bracer, a braided alum and copper wristband, a verdigris twining asp bracelet, a bronze hammer-dimpled armcuff, a bent iron fork bracelet, a hammer-carved polished modwir armband, a pair of iron and onyx cufflinks, a frothing iron tankard pin, an enameled steel mule pendant and an alum-inlaid yellow sunstone ring.


On the red table you see an ebon-veined white marble band, a ruby and twisted gold ring, a sun-shaped petrified hoan pin, a gold-caged blood garnet pin, a wyvern-etched hammered gold armcuff, a braided crimson silk armband, a frolicking ferret-linked bracelet, a carved sephwir tree brooch, a silver-dipped aspen leaf stickpin, a carved white birch owl talisman, a carved white marble trillium pendant, a red silk winged wyvern emblem, a wyvern-inlaid red carbuncle medallion, a gold-strung crimson blazestar and a delicate teardrop ruby pendant.


On the violet table you see a dragonfire opal hatpin, a labyrinthine pale vaalin choker, an ebon-whorled thick faenor neckchain, a tiered smoky glimaerstone necklace, a hammered electrum collar, a cream velvet feystone-strung choker, a strand of vaalin glowbark leaves, some deep blue vaalorn peacock cufflinks, a vivid azure blazestar star stickpin, an enameled peacock feather pin, a gold-framed square despanal brooch, a silver-bound open tome pin, a translucent opal tuberose bracelet, a silver-edged broad vaalorn wristcuff and a wide brushed vaalin band.

Zul Logoth

On the black table you see an iron and mithril band, a heavy invar link neckchain, a burnished toadstool pendant, a carved ruby snail totem, a steel crossed pickaxe medallion, a graduated azurite bead necklace, a gold-strung crystalline nodule, a shovel-etched dark granite amulet, a pale opal mushroom beardclip, a steel and bluerock cube beardclip, a miniature iron mine cart charm, a richly hued eostone armband, a multihued heavy glaes wristcuff, a red-flecked sturdy invar bracer and some vibrant faceted sphene earbobs.


The items can be grounded so that a person will always teleport into the same room in Mist Harbor every time the item is used. Grounding can only be done by a merchant and is only available to Mist Harbor citizens. Jebariah visits Mist Harbor usually on a bi-monthly basis to perform this service.

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