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Of the three available subscription tiers of GemStone IV, Premium is the second, priced at $25.00 on top of the Basic subscription fee. Being subscribed at the premium tier is often referred to in-character as being a member of the Four Winds Hall.

Subscription Benefits

Members of Four Winds have several special membership benefits.

Four Winds Halls

Many towns have small areas which are accessible only to premium subscribers known as Four Winds Halls. These areas house containers providing premium subscribers access to the teleportation jewelry necessary to reach Mist Harbor.

Mist Harbor Teleportation Jewelry

Main article: Premium teleportation jewelry

Access to Mist Harbor, a premium-only town, is available to premium subscribers by means of special teleportation jewelry. These jewelry items are available at a town's Four Winds Hall. For towns without these structures, a tent housing a container with these items is typically available.

When TURNed while within a public area in any town, these jewelry items will teleport the wearer to a random point within the town of Mist Harbor (which is accessible only by this method, and thus, only by premium subscribers.) The return trip will return the character to their last non-Mist Harbor location exactly. These items of jewelry are available in a special location (often a tent or table) located near the gates of each major city. They are attuned to the claiming character, and as such are worthless if given away or found elsewhere than the original source. Different patterns and item types are available in various towns.

Premium Transport System

The Premium Transport System is a benefit to premium subscription members that affords inter-realm travel between premium halls. Each of the eight premium halls has a transport room (each room has its own unique colored doorway) near the hall's entrance where tickets may be purchased for inter-hall transport. Each transport room will have a sign with ticket purchasing instructions, pricing and restrictions, and a portal. After purchasing a transport ticket you can enter the portal. Inside the portal will be a nexus of rooms, each leading to a hall in a different realm.

Locker Manifests and Bankbooks

Other benefits include locker manifest books and bankbooks (which allow portable but read-only access to the character's bank balances and locker contents worldwide).

Merchant Services

A number of merchants visit Four Winds Isle or the various Premium Halls on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Some of these include:

  • Xerria Unlocks (monthly)
  • Lady Merrielle Monthly Raffle
  • Animal companion grooming raffle (monthly)
  • Felthrop's Raffles (monthly)
  • Ravias Raffle (usually an Arkati symbol, monthly)
  • Artifact Raffle (monthly)
  • Naelyne Sews (monthly)
  • Soirissa Sews (monthly)
  • Jebariah (transporters, bi-monthly)
  • Geltrude Tattoos (bi-monthly)
  • Arbigail (bi-monthly)
  • Nycolle (labels, bi-monthly)
  • Juramis' Incantations of Elimination (Remove item properties)

Other unscheduled merchants will appear occasionally and usually send a message to all premium subscribers that are logged in.

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