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Herbs of Elanthia are mostly used for healing purposes. Most of them can be found in various outdoor locations when using the Forage verb. All herbs that are not potions or tinctures can be bundled into 50 doses. Potions and tinctures are limited to 10 doses and are combined using the Pour verb.



The various types of herbs found in Elanthia, and their uses, are listed as follows:

Prime impact

Indirect impact

  • Bolmara lichen - Used to create Bolmara potion, which is used to heal major nervous system wounds.
  • Brostheras grass - Used to create Brostheras potion, which is used to heal major head or neck scars.
  • Bur-clover root - Used to create Bur-clover potion, which instantly restores a level 3 eye scar.
  • Rose-marrow root - Used to make Rose-marrow potion, which heals minor head or neck wounds.
  • Talneo root - Used to make Talneo potion, which heals minor abdomen, chest, back, or eye scars.
  • Wingstem root - Used to make Wingstem potion, which heals major abdomen, chest, back, or eye scars.

Herb Table (with comparable Empath spells for reference)

Wound Minor Major Empath spell
Limb Wounds Ambrominas leaf Ephlox moss 1102
Limb Scars Cactacae spine Calamia fruit 1111
Nervous System Wounds Wolifrew lichen Bolmara potion 1103
Nervous System Scars Torban leaf Woth flower 1112
Head/Neck Wounds Rose-marrow potion Aloeas stem 1104
Head/Neck Scars Haphip root Brostheras potion 1113
Eye/Body Wounds Basal moss Pothinir grass 1105
Eye/Body Scars Talneo potion Wingstem potion 1114

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