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Level Variable
Family Grimswarm
Body Type Biped
Undead No
Areas Found Anywhere
BCS <Not Known>
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Any Weapon Variable AS
Bolt Attacks
Many Spells Variable AS
Warding Attacks
Many Spells Variable CS
Maneuver Attacks
Combat Maneuvers
Maneuver Spells
Defense Attributes
Melee Variable DS
Ranged VariableDS
Bolt Variable DS
Unarmed Variable UDF
Bard Base Variable TD
Ranger Base Variable TD
Sorcerer Base Variable TD
Wizard Base Variable TD
Cleric Base Variable TD
Empath Base Variable TD
Paladin Base Variable TD
Major Elemental Variable TD
Minor Elemental VariableTD
Major Spiritual VariableTD
Minor Spiritual VariableTD
Major Mental VariableTD
Minor Mental VariableTD
Hitpoints Variable, max of 900
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems No
Magic Items Yes
Boxes No
Skin No
Other a crude bone key

Grimswarm are a loose culture of organized Orcs, Trolls, and Giants, which can be found in all parts of Elanthia. They are most often encountered by members of the Guardians of Sunfist, an organization committed to striking out against the Grimswarm forces and their allies.

In virtually all cases, Grimswarm are encountered in one of two locations: war parties and warcamps. Warparties are roving bands of Grimswarm found in a specific hunting ground or road, which only appear when a warparty task is assigned to a member of Sunfist. Warcamps are hidden bases which can contain hundreds of individual Grimswarm, and can only be located in various hunting grounds by members of Sunfist.



The guard posesses all the menacing traits of an ordinary member of his kind, but this one is beholden to the Grimswarm. He is a battle-hardened soldier, ready to take and defend his territory with all ferocity.


There are three species of Grimswarm: Orcs, Trolls and Giants. In normal situations, these groups are not mixed together, and a warparty or warcamp will be comprised of only one of the three. The prevalence of each type varies geographically in the game, with Giants favoring colder, mountainous climates, Trolls favoring warm, tropical climates, and Orcs being found moderately in all areas. It is also worth mentioning that various other species are considered allies to the Grimswarm, including not only other orcs, trolls and giants, but also ogres, Illoke, and a variety of other types of creatures.

The three species each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Most notably, there is a large disparity in health, with Giants having the most and Orcs having the least. Also notable is that, like most of their kind, Trolls can regenerate their wounds and health. Orcs are the most perceptive when it comes to detecting hiding individuals, and Giants can perform the common "Giant Stomp" maneuver that many Giant class enemies can perform.

Unit Profession

When encountered in the field, all Grimswarm will be identified by their professional orientation. With a handful of exceptions, these mirror the Professions available to players. There are currently no Bard or Monk Grimswarm. There are also a small number of types which do not seem to fit a specific profession, such as the Archers. There can be some initial confusion upon encountering these Grimswarm, as they have a variety of different professional titles, some of which can be vague. Additionally, some of these Grimswarm variants only seem to appear at certain levels or only very rarely, such as the Blackguard, which does not appear at higher levels, or Huntmistress, which is appears uncommonly.


Cleric-type Grimswarm use a variety of Cleric based spells, including a variety of disablers such as Web (118) and Bind (214). One particularly dangerous element is that they will spawn or recast Spirit Slayer (240), so if you fail to disable or prevent their casting, it can be disatrous. If they prepare Web and you leave the room, they will cast open web, so be wary of wandering camps after retreating from a Cleric.

  • Acolyte
  • Cleric
  • Initiate


Empath-type Grimswarm are quite similar to Cleric-types, in that they cast a variety of disablers, but also use some particularly dangerous Empath spells, such as Bone Shatter (1106) and Sympathy (1120). They may also heal their injured allies in the midst of battle. One particularly dangerous element is that they will spawn or recast Spirit Slayer (240), so if you fail to disable or prevent their casting, it can be disatrous. If they prepare Web and you leave the room, they will cast open web, so be wary of wandering camps after retreating from a Empath.

  • Empath
  • Healer
  • Scourge


Aside from their spells, Paladins are effectively Warrior-type Grimswarm that can be stunned. They possess Warcries and Shield Bash, which can be instantly lethal against pure classes.

  • Crusader
  • Destroyer
  • Paladin
  • Zealot
  • Wrathbringer


Rangers function similarly to Rogue-types in the variety of weapons that they possess. However, they also will occasionally use ranged weaponry. They can use Cheapshots, Feint and Sweep. Most dangerously, they can and will use a variety of Ranger spells, including the always dangerous Spike Thorn (616).

  • Hunter
  • Huntmaster (rare)
  • Huntmistress (rare)
  • Ranger


Rogue-types are often found using a variety of weapons, ranging from two-handed weapons to brawling. Some of them are noticably faster than others, which can be dangerous if you are relying on them being as slow as other Grimswarm. They possess several manuevers, including Cheapshots, Feint and Sweep.

  • Pillager
  • Raider
  • Scout
  • Skirmisher


Sorcerers class Grimswarm are particularly notorious for two things. First, they commonly use Implosion (720), which has instantly ended the hunt of many Sunfist members. Second, they frequently use the spell Cloak of Shadows (712), which allows them to have a retribution effect which can injure or kill any who attack them physically.

  • Dissembler
  • Sorcerer
  • Sorceress
  • Warlock
  • Witch


Warriors are particularly dangerous, most notably in that they are completely immune to being stunned. Their equipment varies, sometimes using two-handed weapons or polearms, at other times using one handed weapons and a shield. They possess a variety of dangerous combat maneuvers, such as Headbutt, Shield Bash, Tackle and Warcries.

  • Barbarian
  • Blackguard
  • Fighter
  • Marauder
  • Soldier
  • Warrior


Wizards can cast a variety of spells, including but hardly limited to Elemental Wave (410) and Major Elemental Wave (435). It is not uncommon for them to Haste (506) themselves while roaming the camp, which allows them to prepare spells, cast them, and break stuns faster. They also may create Ice Patches (512) while roaming the camp.

  • Adept
  • Archmage (rare)
  • Elementalist
  • Mage
  • Warmage (rare, swings a melee weapon. Unstunnable?)


Guards are initially present when entering a warcamp, and can be of any profession. First action will always be to alert the camp, which causes others to spawn periodically. This can be prevented by killing them before they act, or somewhat less effectively, stunning them. Grimswarm can break stuns, and it is possible for them to simultaneously break their stun and alert the camp. Furthermore, warrior-type guards cannot be stunned.


Only appearing during an assigned task, Chieftains are unstunnable warrior-type Grimswarm. In addition to being significantly stronger than a normal Grimswarm, they regenerate health quickly (absurdly fast if they are Troll based) and know the maneuver Combat Mobility, allowing them to rapidly recover from knockdowns.


Only appearing during an assigned task, Shamans are unstunnable magic using Grimswarm. They are significantly stronger than a normal Grimswarm.

Grizzled Grimswarm

Very much like Bounty Guild Grizzled critters, Grizzled Grimswarm of every type will occasionally spawn. In addition to being significantly higher level than normal Grimswarm, they are immune to stuns, and frequently (especially in the case of Rogue-types) will be significantly faster than normal Grimswarms, sometimes with only 3 seconds between swings.

Other/Currently Unclassified

  • Archer/Sniper - Similar to Rogue-based Grimswarm, but they always use ranged attacks.
  • Champion - Possible Paladin-base, stunnable.
  • Shaman - Distinct from Shaman Task variant, seen rarely.


Grimswarm are surprisingly poor creatures. They most commonly drop silvers and wands, never dropping gems. They will on occasion drop magic items, such as Small Statues, scrolls, and crystals. They also will drop various random clothing and containers, and rarely, high quality jewelry. If they are found in warcamps, they may on occasion drop a "crude bone key", which is used to unlock a chest found in the camp. This chest will have a box for approximately every 20 enemies you have killed in the camp.

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