Ensorcell (735)

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Ensorcell (735)
Mnemonic [ENSORCELL]
Duration 4 hours real time (temporary)
or permanent
Utility Magic  
Subtype Weapon/Armor Enhancement 
Availability Weapon, Armor, Shield, Runestaff 
Sorcerer Base Spells
Blood Burst (701) Attack
Mana Disruption (702) Attack
Corrupt Essence (703) Attack
Phase (704) Utility
Disintegrate (705) Attack
Mind Jolt (706) Attack
Eye Spy (707) Utility
Limb Disruption (708) Attack
Quake (709) Attack
Energy Maelstrom (710) Attack
Pain (711) Attack
Cloak of Shadows (712) Defensive
Balefire (713) Attack
Scroll Infusion (714) Utility
Curse (715) Attack
Disease (716) Attack
Evil Eye (717) Attack
Torment (718) Attack
Dark Catalyst (719) Attack
Implosion (720) Attack
Minor Summoning (725) Utility
Animate Dead (730) Utility
Ensorcell (735) Utility
Planar Shift (740) Utility

Ensorcell allows sorcerers to enhance weapons, runestaves, shields, and armor by infusing necrotic energy into them. Items may be either temporarily or permanently ensorcelled, with varying benefits depending on the nature of the item and the strength of the ensorcellment. Most weapons, runestaves, shields, and armor are able to accept an ensorcellment (provided they do not resist magic in general), though the difficulty of the skill check increases based on the item's exact properties.


Temporary Ensorcellment

Temporary ensorcellment allows sorcerers (and sorcerers only) to gain temporary necrotic (life channeling) flares on their weapons and runestaves. There appears to be no skill check for temporary ensorcellment, though an item's properties may prevent it; it does not expend any stored necrotic energy. The flares for temporary ensorcell and permanent ensorcell are exactly the same (see table below).

According to the official spell description, non-sorcerers may benefit from temporarily ensorcelled gear to perform certain combat and shield maneuvers that require an ensorcelled or anti magic weapon or shield. Temporarily ensorcelling armor has no current benefit to any profession.

In order to temporarily ensorcell an item, simply PREPARE 735 and CAST it at the item while holding it. Higher level sorcerers can temporarily ensorcell a weapon/runestaff for lower level sorcerers who cannot yet cast the spell.


A temporary ensorcell lasts four real time hours. Should the player log off with an active temporary ensorcell and return more than four hours later, the ensorcell will dispel after the first cast/attack. Temporary ensorcellment can be refreshed without dispelling first.

Flare Rate

Magical attack flares from temporary ensorcellment occur randomly and have an average rate of 1 flare per 7 attacks. Physical attack flares from temporary ensorcellment occur randomly and have an average rate of 1 flare per 5 attacks. This is the same rate as an ebladed weapon.

Permanent Ensorcellment

Permanent ensorcellment can be put on a weapon, armor, shield, or runestaff with the benefits depending on the type of item ensorcelled and can be used by members of any profession. Permanently ensorcelling an item requires necrotic energy, which is gained by killing like level creatures.

In order to permanently ensorcell an item, PREPARE 735 and CHANNEL it at the item while holding it. This will give you a message telling you how difficult it will be to place a permanent ensorcellment on the item as well as the current tier of ensorcellment already on that item. If you still wish to add a tier of ensorcellment to the item, CHANNEL 735 at it again within 30 seconds to make the attempt. Enhancive and holy items require the use of a special potion prior to the attempt. See below for a more detailed process.

An item that has been permanently ensorcelled will have a strange necrotic haze radiating from it when you LOOK at it. The level of ensorcellment can be detected with a cast of Elemental Detection (405). No condition of ensorcellment will be revealed by a Loresong.

Weapons and Runestaves

Weapons and runestaves that have been permanently ensorcelled gain permanent necrotic (life channeling) flares which can be used by members of any profession (unlike temporary ensorcellment, which can, for the most part, only be used by sorcerers). The strength of these flares is based on the tier of ensorcellment.

There is no increase in flare frequency with higher tiers as had been previously described in the official spell documentation.

Ensorcelled weapons are infused with necrotic energy that will flare and affect the wielder in one of four ways: attack/casting strength increase (+5/+3 per tier, respectively), health, mana (runestaves) or stamina (weapons), or spirit, based mostly on random chance. However, health flares will have a much higher chance of flaring than the others when the wielder is missing health points. If the wielder is full on health, mana, stamina or spirit, it will not flare for that feature. Runestaves also gain 2 lower CvA per tier of ensorcellment.

Ensorcelled weapons will trigger flares when the weapon is swung at an enemy while ensorcelled runestaves will flare when attack spells are cast (successful hits required).

Flare Message
Health You feel healed!
Mana You feel empowered!
Spirit You feel rejuvenated!
Stamina You feel reinvigorated!
Acuity You feel energized!

Shields and Armor

Shields and armor that are permanently ensorcelled provide the bearer with 2 lower CvA per tier of ensorcellment. This bonus is permanent and no flare is required to activate. Armor accessories can be permanently ensorcelled for no benefit, similar to their capability to receive an enchant.

Combat and Shield Maneuvers

Shield Maneuvers requiring an ensorcelled shield are Spell Block and Shield Mind.

Combat Maneuvers requiring an ensorcelled weapon are Spell Cleaving, Spell Thieve, and Spell Parry. Tainted Bond does not require one, but users of ensorcelled weapons receive the benefit of one extra attack before expending the periodic attack boost.


There are 5 tiers of permanent ensorcellment, each tier requires a separate CHANNEL of 735 with the cost of necrotic energy going up for each tier. The benefits provided by a permanently ensorcelled item going up with each tier added to it. Sorcerers wielding permanently ensorcelled items will receive a phantom tier for up to a total of 6 with a Tier 5 weapon or runestaff.

Sorcerers are limited in how much energy they can gather per week to the amount of energy required to do a Tier 1 cast. The energy required for Tiers 2-5 increase in increments of half a week's worth of energy. The maximum amount of energy a sorcerer can store at any time is 3.5 weeks. After gathering this amount a sorcerer must attempt a cast before being able to accumulate energy again.

Weeks Tier
1 1
2 2-3
3 4-5

A Tier 5 ensorcell will take ten weeks worth of energy to complete, barring any failed casts.

Success Factors





  • A failed attempt costs 5% of the amount of necrotic energy that would have been required for a successful attempt
  • There is no chance of losing or damaging an item due to a failed attempt
  • A sorcerer may make another attempt immediately after a failed attempt, provided they still have the required amount of necrotic energy

Necrotic Energy

Necrotic Energy is automatically gained by sorcerers with knowledge of 735 when they kill like level creatures. It is required to permanently ensorcell items, with the amount required depending on the tier of ensorcellment being sought.

While there is a cap on both how much necrotic energy can be gained in a week as well as the total amount of necrotic energy a sorcerer can store, a sorcerer will only lose necrotic energy if they attempt to permanently ensorcell an item. The amount of necrotic energy gained from a creature depends on the creature's level in relation to the sorcerer, and no necrotic energy is gained from creatures a sorcerer cannot learn from. Sorcerers training in Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy will absorb necrotic energy at a faster rate based on Seed 1 of the Seed Summation Chart.

When group hunting, sorcerers will earn the full amount of necrotic energy they qualify for from that creature, or close to it, as long as they land a successful hit.

Sorcerers hunting with Evil Eye (717) must kill the creature outright on a death roll (199+) in order to receive necrotic energy from that creature. Creatures "killed" via fleeing (175-198) will not provide any necrotic energy.

Sorcerers may check their level of necrotic energy stored by self-casting ensorcell. When a sorcerer has reached his/her maximum for the week, the following message will appear below the accumulated amount:

Your rapid build up of necrotic energy has left you feeling overwhelmed and temporarily unable to absorb any new necrotic power.

The weekly cap resets with the first valid necrotic energy-giving creature a sorcerer kills after their Triple X bonus has begun. The above maximum weekly message will only disappear once that first creature has been killed, regardless of if the sorcerer has gained experience in another fashion.

The amount of necrotic energy required for a Tier 1 ensorcell appears to be that gained from approximately 1000 same-level creatures on characters not having any necromancy lore training. Lower level creatures will give less energy, and higher level creatures will give more. Again, a sorcerer must gain experience from the creature to gain any necrotic energy.

To put creature kills in the same perspective as weeks, the amount of necrotic energy required for each successive tier is increased by 500 from last tier. Ex: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 respective kills from tier 1-5. A full Tier 5 ensorcell will mean 10,000 kills for a sorcerer not having any necromancy lore training.

Necromancy Lore

Sorcerers training in Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy will receive two benefits for Ensorcell:[1]

  1. Sorcerers will retain attack flare bonuses for one extra attack at 90 ranks or two extra attacks at 180 ranks.
  2. Sorcerers will absorb necrotic energy at a faster rate based on Seed 1 of the Seed Summation Chart (see below).

Necromancy Lore Bonus Hypothesis

Sorcerers Rolfard and Allereli hypothesize that there is a 3% creature kill reduction bonus provided by each level in Seed 1 of the Summation Chart. For example, if a sorcerer has 105 necromancy ranks, he/she will have a 14 bonus (level) provided by the chart. Multiply this by 3% and the sorcerer will have a final 42% creature kill reduction. So assuming 1000 same-level creature kills with zero necromancy ranks, a sorcerer with 105 necromancy ranks will need to kill 420 fewer creatures, or 580 kills to reach the 1 week maximum necrotic energy absorption limit (i.e., for a Tier 1 ensorcell).

There are other ideas that cannot be stated so simply, but can be read about on the Player's Corner in the External Links below.


The ensorcelling process is very straight forward.

1. Gather energy (hunt) until a self-cast of Ensorcell (735) gives you the message that you have reached the point necessary to permanently ensorcell an item for whichever tier you are casting.

2. Do a preliminary 735 channel on the item to check for difficulty. If you (a) get a reading, (b) get the easiest difficulty message of you can only fail if you are horribly unlucky, and (c) are outside of a workshop, skip to the last step.

3. If you do not get a reading (the item resists), or if you know the item is enhanced or sanctified, you will need to pour an inky black potion on it. Repeat preliminary channel to get a reading. Potion pours last approximately 30 minutes.

4. If the item is at all difficult, wear as many applicable skill and stat enhancives that you have available to you.

5. Go to a magical workshop (use the SENSE verb to check).

6. Prep and channel at the item again. You may have to repeat if you did any of steps 3-5 above.

Sorcerers successfully completing an ensorcell receive experience and fame.


From worst to best, here are the rolls possible on any permanent ensorcellment attempt:

Astoundingly inept
Horribly poor
Very poor
Astoundingly good


Sorcerers doing an initial channel on an item will get a reading for one of the following levels of difficulty (from easiest to hardest):

Only fail if horribly unlucky
Easy enough, barring bad luck
Odds are on your side
More likely to succeed than not, but will need some luck
Difficult, but possible
Very difficult
Nearly impossible
Need a miracle
Beyond your abilities

Testing is still being done to determine how good of an attempt is needed to succeed at each difficulty.

Ensorcell Pricing

Because of the weekly time increments, many sorcerers price their ensorcell casts by the week, instead of by the tier, not knowing what tier the next customer might need. Below is a table showing the costs for sorcerers charging 1 million, 2 million and 3 million silvers per week:

Weeks Tier Cost: 1m/wk Cost: 2m/wk Cost: 3m/wk
1 1 1m 2m 3m
2 2
1.5m T2
2m T3
3m T2
4m T3
4.5m T2
6m T3
3 4
2.5m T4
3m T5
5m T4
6m T5
7.5m T4
9m T5
Total for
5 casts
(10 weeks)
1-5 10m 20m 30m

Sorcerers charging around 1 million per week might be just starting out with the spell, working on easier items. Sorcerers charging 2 million per week will be working on mid range items. Sorcerers charging 3 million per week and more might have full enhancive sets and/or use Strong Potions of Accelerated Unlearning (fixskills), and only work on the most difficult items.



The flares appear basically similar, besides their respective messages of feeling. For example, an acuity flare

 ** Necrotic energy from your <weapon> overflows into you! **
   You feel energized!

Acuity is the only flare which also wears off (whether used or unused)

You feel the unnatural surge of necrotic power wane away.


Casting Ensorcell at one's self yields information on the present necrotic power.

You sense no build up of necrotic energy within you.

Lowest tier

You sense a weak build up of necrotic energy within you.

Second tier

You sense the build up of necrotic energy within you approaching the amount needed to permanently ensorcell an item for the first time.

Ready for the first permanent attempt (at tier 1)

You sense the build up of necrotic energy within you has reached the point necessary to permanently ensorcell an item for the first time.


Success for a temporary item (note usage of CAST)

>cast at my staff
You gesture at a drakar-runed ebonwood staff.
Necrotic energy materializes around your ebonwood staff and sinks onto it like an ethereal film.

Probable success for a Tier 1 permanent item (CHANNEL)

You sense that the rune-carved crosier has not yet been permanently ensorcelled and that you should be able to ensorcell it easily enough, barring bad luck.

Success for a Tier 1 permanent item (CHANNEL)

>channel my crosier
You channel at a tiny rune-carved crosier.
Having probed the rune-carved crosier already, you begin to channel your stored necrotic energy at it. You carefully regulate the flow of energy in order to attempt to overcome its natural resistance while not simultaneously overwhelming yourself...

You make an outstanding attempt!

Success! You manage to breach the rune-carved crosier's defenses and pour in enough of your stored necrotic energy to permanently fuse it to the rune-carved crosier's very structure.

Wearing Off

Temporary item ensorcellment wearing off.

The ethereal necrotic film covering your hoarbeam runestaff shrivels away.


Failure message for testing a permanent item (7x @ lvl 36)

You channel at an ice blue tapered faewood runestaff tipped with a smooth bone wand.
You sense that the tapered faewood runestaff has not yet been permanently ensorcelled and that this ensorcellment will be nearly impossible.

Possible failure for testing (5x @ lvl 37)

You sense that the faewood runestaff has not yet been permanently ensorcelled and that you are more likely than not to succeed on your cast, but you will need some luck.

Failure message for permanent item

You make an excellent attempt!
Failure! You are unable to overcome the tapered faewood runestaff's defenses, wasting some of your stored necrotic energy in the fruitless attempt.

Alchemy Recipe

An inky black potion is used to prepare both enhancive and sanctified gear for ensorcelling. A pour will last 10 minutes before wearing off.
5 pours

An inky black potion
  1. add water
  2. add essence of water
  3. Simmer
  4. add 3 powdered uncut diamond
  5. add faintly radiant dust
  6. Infuse
  7. add inky necrotic core
  8. add essence of soul
  9. Chant Ensorcell (735)

Purchasers should buy these potions from a reputable alchemist. At one point an identical looking potion was sold off-the-shelf at a merchant event that has nothing to do with ensorcell.


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