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Category: Help for Players
Topic: The Experience System
Message #: 563
Author: GS4-WARDEN
Date: 11/20/2007 5:46:03 PM
Subject: Enhanced Nodes and Experience Absorption Changes

We are implementing some changes to experience and absorption, primarily to encourage more player interaction. These changes include the following:

Enhanced Experience Absorption In Major Gathering Places -- Major gathering locations in every major realm (see list to follow) will now enhance your rate of experience absorption, above and beyond what a normal node will provide! While most of these nodes are public, all CHEs will also receive this benefit in the Common Room (or equivalent) of their primary house (not annexes). MHOs may coordinate with their guru to purchase an enhanced node for a Common Room (or equivalent) in their building, provided the room is either open to the public or the MHO is sufficiently large and active to support a "members only" location.

Adventurers Guild Bounty Rewards -- The total amount of the experience rewards will remain the same; however, two thirds of the reward will be granted directly to your absorbed experience. The remaining one third of the reward will be granted as unabsorbed experience, as it is currently.

Logic Bonus Changes -- The benefit of Logic bonus on experience absorption has been changed from a multiplier of the base amount to an addition to the base amount. When on a node or in town, you will absorb an extra (Logic Bonus/5) experience every pulse. When in a hunting area, you will absorb an extra (Logic Bonus/7) per pulse. For most players this will result in a small improvement while on a node and no significant change when in a hunting area.



Enhanced public nodes (Note that in some cases, a room was not previously a node. In those cases, the room is now a true node with this enhanced absorption benefit.)

Wehnimer's Landing:
Raging Thrak, Trophy Room
Wayside Inn, Garret
Landing Tower East
Helga's Pub Room
Frith's Inn, Main Saloon
Town Square Central
Garden Niche
Small Park
Voln Courtyard
Hearthstone, Foyer
Hearthstone, Courtyard

Ghorsa Isle, Tower
Dragonspine and Krodera
Adventurer's Rest, Deck

North Market
Liabo Plaza
Beacon Tower
South Market

River's Rest:
Town Commons

Icemule Trace:
Town Center
Tavern Burrow, Ale Street (well)
Commerce Burrow, Giantman Path
Honeybeer Inn, Tap Room
Thirsty Penguin, Parlour
Clovertooth Hall, Main Lobby
Voln Ice Garden

Zul Logoth:
Crystalline Cavern

Trading Post, Greatroom

Hanging Dais
Glamesine Var (fountain room)
Glamesine Var (small garden park)
Briarstone Court, SW
Briarstone Court, W
Briarstone Court, NW
Moonglae Inn, Rooftop Park (northernmost)
Shimmarglin Inn, Fountain Room
Veythorne Manor, The Glowbark

Town Commons (with barrel)

Amaranth Court (between gemshop and furrier)
Amaranth Court (obelisk)
Garden of Ancients (small bench)
Victory Court (bench)
Victory Court (Kai statue)
Ravelin, Wyvern Plaza

Four Winds Isle:
Gardenia Commons
Sea Breeze Tavern, Front Porch

Linsandrych Common (with bench)

Cavern of the Ages (ledge room)

Phoenix - Library
Argent Aspis - Trophy Room
Arcane - Hall of Lords
Paupers - Commons
Brigatta - Common Room
Twilight - Warble's Parlor
Silvergate - Private Lounge
Sovyn - Courtyard
Sylvanfair - Rogal-Keli Hall
Helden - Great Hall
White Haven - Founders Hall
Obsidian Tower - Greatroom
Beacon Hall - Common Room
Rone Academy - Elanthian Library
Willow Hall - Garden
Moonstone Abbey - Lounge

Category: Help for Players
Topic: The Experience System
Message #: 668
Author: GS4-WARDEN
Date: 11/28/2007 6:42:08 PM
Subject: RE: Enhanced Nodes and Experience Absorption Changes

The following change has been rolled in:

The Adv. Guild Bounty experience rewards will now be fully applied to your "to be absorbed" experience up until you become moderately "saturated". Any reward in excess of that amount will have half applied to your "to be absorbed" experience and half will be absorbed instantly.

For people who turn in their bounties while at a "must rest" state, this will result in about half of the instant absorption they have been gaining over the past week. For those who turn in bounties at less than "must rest" state, this will result less instant absorption (potentially none), and more time spent saturated.


Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 2674
Date: 4/6/2009 9:49:34 AM
Subject: Super Nodes and One More Change


Special thanks to GM Warden who has fixed two things.

The first is the location of the supernodes. They are:

Gardenia Commons

Firefly Villa, Merchant Lounge

The second is the disturbingly rude fellow at the pawnshop has been given lessens in manners.


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(At this point, I tried to summon the crows, by doing a tribal dance in the barrows and singing "Heerre crowie crowie crowie. Oosh oosh." That didn't work.) -- Coyoterre

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