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Deeds are granted to mortals of Elanthia by the goddess Lorminstra in exchange for donation or sacrifice of some sort. Deeds are essentially a pact with the goddess which grants the deed-holder a chance to walk Elanthia again upon their death, and avoid passing through the Ebon Gate into Eternity.



Deeds are a preventive measure sought to decrease the penalties of Death's Sting. Death costs a single deed, while departing costs another.

In the past, dying without deeds caused one to go "demonic", a horrible fate resulting in the permanent destruction of the adventurer and all their belongings. However, this ceased to be the case with the introduction of Death's Sting. It is no longer absolutely necessary to possess deeds.

Calculation for Cost

This formula works to obtain deeds through the tapestry in the black arch room in the Wehnimer's Landing Temple.

Deed cost (in silvers) = 101 + (level * 100) + (deeds * 100)

Example: a 99th level character with 7 deeds = 10701 silvers

101 + (99 * 100 = 9900) + (7 * 100 = 700)

If using items (usually gems), a general estimate is 3x what they appraise for. Using the example would mean a gem worth 3567 silvers. Err on the side of caution with this. The gem bonus does not seem to apply (at least not as substantially) in Ta'Vaalor, but wands seem to apply to the 3x bonus, so they are a suggested substitute.

Different Deed Formulas

Gamemaster Xayle July 9th 2012

Xayle says, "The answer that I seem to be getting is this..."

Xayle says, "Different deed puzzles use different formulas."

You nod.

Xayle says, "And this one isn't working on the formula you're using."

You softly say, "I see."

You softly say, "That would explain it."

Xayle says, "I wish I could say more, but that would start straying into puzzle answering."

Xayle says, "Which is a nono."

Locations for Obtaining

All players can obtain deeds in Wehnimers Landing (lich room 4045), Rivers Rest (lich room 10854), and in Ta'Illistim (lich room 745). 20th level players and above can obtain deeds in the Hearthstone garden.

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